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3 Domino Monte

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3 Domino Monte
3 Domino Monte3 Domino Monte
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3 Domino Monte


A little game of Hankie-Poo. That's right, it's the old Three Card Monte, only this time it's played with dominoes!

Show three dominoes. Two double fives and one double one. The double one is in the middle. The object is simple. Keep track of the double one. Switch two of the dominoes. "Where's the double one?"

"In the middle," they say. Wrong!! Turn the dominoes over.

The one is at the end.

Do it again. Once again, switch two of the dominoes. They think the double one is in the middle. But now it's at the other end!

Again. They'll say the double one is at one end. But, it's in the middle?

No matter how hard they try, they cannot keep track of the double one!

Offer to make it easier. Give them one of the double fives to hold. Now, you have just a double one and a double five.

Still, no matter how easy you make it, they cannot keep track of the double one!

In the end, all of the dominoes can change into double fives!!

They'll be seeing spots before their eyes!

Ren-Nee's Three Domino Monte is a wonderful close-up routine. Very easy to do. The dominoes do all the work for you. They are gimmicked in a way you have never seen before! And, you will be delighted with the method.

Comes complete with three special dominoes and full instructions. 



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