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Cupe & Balls - Standard - Plastic

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Cupe & Balls - Standard - Plastic
Cupe & Balls - Standard - PlasticCupe & Balls - Standard - Plastic
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Cupe & Balls - Standard - Plastic


Cupe & Balls - Standard - Plastic One of the most loved effects in the history of magic is the cups and balls. Every magician learns this effect, which dates back to time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. These cups are great if you are new to magic. Or maybe you need to learn the basics before you buy the $1000 sterling silver cup version! Beginners to professionals have used cups like these to learn and perform the Cups and Balls effect and NOW YOU CAN TOO! This is not the three-shell game but an advanced feat of magic! Balls APPEAR, DISAPPEAR and TRANSFORM under these cups. Hundreds of books and DVD's have been produced just for this classic of magic. The basic effect described is just the beginning of what this set amazingly can do without sleight of hand. Basic Effect: Three stacked cups are shown to be solid and empty. There are no trap doors or gimmicks of any kind. Three beautiful red crocheted balls (colors may vary) are displayed in front of the cups. One ball is placed on the center cup and covered with the other 2 cups. Give the cups a tap and the stack is lifted to find the ball has MELTED through the cups and landed on the table! They will not believe it so you do it again. You lay out all the cups covering the ball in the center and put one cup on it and then a ball and then a cup. Now you tap TWO times and when the stack is lifted, THE SECOND BALL HAS PENETRATED THE CUPS to join the ball on the table. WOW - solid through solid WITHOUT sleight of hand! But that's not all. You repeat it with the third ball penetrating the cups again! There are many more magic things you can do with the cups and balls: Advanced Effects: With just a little practice you place one ball in your pocket and it reappears under the cup! You can vanish one ball in your bare hand and have it reappear in the cup. You can have the balls appear at the cup of their choice and even transform the balls into small eggs or fruit. (Anything that you can fit in the cup will work!) Specially designed cups are UNGIMMICKED and may be handed out for examination LARGER than other plastic sets and unlike competitors - we add a rubber compound to make each cup resistant to breakage! Each cup measures 7cm tall and 7cm in diameter We include really NICE soft BRIGHTLY COLORED fluffy balls will not roll off the table or hand. (Not plain, cheap white balls like others include)



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