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Distorted Paperclip

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Distorted Paperclip
Distorted PaperclipDistorted Paperclip
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Distorted Paperclip

Paper clip in the usual daily life are more common, but this time with a high-quality memory metal, so now you can imagine, on the palm of the audience, slowly .... bent into a triangle, and the audience you will with feelings of what is "inconceivable" ~~

Performance results:
A paper clip, gently pinch your fingers, slowly ... With wire like life, began to bend. Gradually spread to both sides.

Then, the wire on the hands of the audience, the audience could not stop crying because he could feel the wire to move slowly in his hands !!

Spread hand saw, wire into a complete triangle.

You can also perform with ESP cards, forcing the viewer to select a triangle poker cards, and finally the paper clip into a triangular shape, the better!

This is the second paragraph, "ultra-light" memory wire, as long as one or two audience participation, was able to shock the audience! Come and buy it !!

Ideas become bent paperclip triangle --Distorted Paperclip features:

1. High quality props
2. strong visual effects
3. easy to carry
4. Props can be reused
5. No angle restrictions
6. complete inspection

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