• Venom mechanical levitation device floating ring

Venom mechanical levitation device floating ring

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This year's most stunning levitation props are coming out of nowhere, not too much introduction to video has explained everything!

Pick things up at the bar and float the ring on the street.

No need to worry about power, just be prepared to do wonders anytime, anywhere.

Black tech levitation magic!

Magic features:

1. No need to charge, 100% pure mechanical principle design, using imported miniature metal ball bearing, hidden line strength endurance is super high!

2. It won't break wires as easily as traditional suspension devices, and it is more natural to use

3. Easy reset, easy to use.

4. Small size and portable make the performance more hidden.

5. cigarettes, ring, lighter, straw, banknote, etc.

6.190 minutes of detailed teaching, complete use of the process

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