• Storng Man idea bent the screws

Storng Man idea bent the screws

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Introduction to magic:

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Merchant of Magic and Jimmy Strange's Storng Man

Are you a strong man? You can easily bend the screw, you can first check for the audience to confirm that it is really hard and cannot be bent, you can bend it at any time you want to bend, and finally you can straighten it out for the audience to confirm that it is hard... That's Storng Man.

Jimmy Strange brought us a new way of bending screws which is completely different from the previous bending principle.

Very clever and impossible to be found principle, the screw can be examined by the audience, to confirm that is really hard, no matter how hard you are, bending.

As a magician you start to touch this screw, tell the audience at this moment, the metal has slowly become soft more and more soft, let the audience touch, the screw was bent! The whole screw for the audience to get the hand found that the original bending of hard metal is now very soft can be broken at will...

Finally, the screw returned to the magician's hand and touched it again. He said to the audience that the metal began to grind and stiffen, and then gave the audience a check.

A natural phenomenon, what makes it so powerful,Storng Man is a new concept of metal

Your audience is dumbfounded that what they see is actually all real and instantly shows that the screws are hard

The audience felt that all of these were normal screws with no special mechanism and no mechanism.

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