• FLAP 2019 new magic Revolutionary change card system

FLAP 2019 new magic Revolutionary change card system

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Flap: the revolution card system

Effect invincible card players favorite card conversion system props

"Flap" is a popular TMA event event and a revolutionary spin-off.

Hondo after long time of study and continuous improvement, Flap Card structure significantly evolution, not only change the faster, more overcomes the line and the height difference of annoying, but viewing Angle wider and more close, and one of the most startling breakthrough is the invention of the locking system, can let a magician when want to unlock lock to produce change, greatly increased the degree of freedom and ease of use. As a result of these developments, you can make more changes than just on complex CARDS (such as portrait CARDS or complex pattern backs), and you can be applied on Aces, digital CARDS or even blank CARDS, and more exciting, you can make two changes in a row!

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