• Magician Liu qian YIF  props "magnetic ring" pk ring

Magician Liu qian YIF props "magnetic ring" pk ring

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The measurement method is as follows:

Find a piece of thin thread or rope and circle it around the finger part you need to wear. Then measure the length of the rope with a ruler. The length is CM. If not remarks choose random delivery oh

Most of the models worn by male students are no. 19-20, and most of them can go to the nearby gold store to measure the size. This size is the most accurate!

5.5-6.2 (size 18 trumpet)

6.2-6.8 (medium no. 19)

6.8-7.5 (size 20, large)

Magnetic ring details are as follows:

Magnetic ring can be said to be one of the props needed for close-up magic, itself has a small volume, light weight, convenient to carry the characteristics of the magic lovers welcome! Magnetic ring play a variety of ways, can play close - range magic can also perform stage street magic and so on

The most classic magic tricks include: pistachio through the bottle cap into the bottle coin disappear and so on attention: magnetic ring must not fall, fell will be broken, because it is made of magnets. So be careful when you use it.

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