• Liu qian classic opening stage magic magic bartender effect shock change color cup

Liu qian classic opening stage magic magic bartender effect shock change color cup

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The set includes:

A goblet +60*60 large silk scarf + a set of color changing props

This item is not consumable and can be used an infinite number of times

The detailed description of this prop is as follows:

The magician holds a silk scarf in his left hand and a glass of water in his right. He shows it to the audience.

Cover a glass of water with a scarf, it will turn into a green wine,

Reoccupy silk towel cloak water cup, green thin heze wine can become aureate champagne,

Wipe with filar towel finally, aureate champagne becomes red blood-red Mary!!!!

Finally, the wine turned into white water, and can drink oh!

The color is changeable, the stage effect is strong!!!

Here's a summary of some of the questions buyers often ask

Answer: this shop specially sends the entire Chinese video instruction, the content is rich, the explanation is detailed including how to make the prop use the attention and so on, please after you receive the prop looks for our on-line customer service to get. We will share to you in the way of baidu cloud!

Q: is there no magic foundation to perform? Difficult? Is a child ok also?

Answer: this magic is very simple, only need a simple practice to get started, children can also perform.

Q: consumables? Can it be reused?

A: it is not consumable and can be used permanently

Q: is the last water drinkable? How is the effect

Answer: the mineral water that comes out finally is drinkable, this prop effect serves as an opening is simply invincible opening no matter whether you have a foundation to be able to perform easily and simply! A good effect!

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