• Stage card trick "Smart ass" America prop

Stage card trick "Smart ass" America prop

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The detailed description of this prop is as follows:

The magician pulls out a prophecy and tells the audience to put it under their butts. Don't give anyone see, please the audience after dividing into two portions a deck of CARDS, with the bottom bottom under the card in the a, induction is no longer a can throw it away, don't repeat after a few times, the audience left hand CARDS to 5-6 pieces, then please continue to use in the rest of the few CARDS audience ass induction is the card, the audience choose the CARDS... Unexpectedly with bottom sit down of that a exactly the same ~~~ super power of bottom magic ~Smart Ass

Prop features:

1: the whole deck can be fully expanded to show the audience absolutely every suit is different, there is no repetition of the card.

2: no strong selection, completely optional by the audience!

3: you can ask the audience to check the poker in their hands!

3: highly interactive, very suitable for student parties, bar performances, large stage performances

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