• New American Card magic, Hover Card Plus,close-up magic item

New American Card magic, Hover Card Plus,close-up magic item

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Introduction to magic effect:

The magician asked the audience to pick a card at random after the signature, and then magician a finger after the audience signed the name card actually suspended up, halfway can also take down to show no problem, finally the CARDS can automatically return to the performance can be checked for the audience. Very creative card magic visual effect is very strong!

Using the original American bicycle handwork fine production, sub fine hidden.

Magic characteristics

1: very simple, no magic foundation can be easily completed

2: both before and after the performance can be checked by the audience

3: the original American bicycle poker purely handmade, suborgan hidden

4: it only takes a few seconds to perform again

5: it can be taken down in the middle of the performance without any problems

6: super visual effect, excellent close-up props

7: you can choose the red and blue props. All instructions in Chinese video are super detailed

8: no hidden line, the props can be used repeatedly unlimited times.

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