• Impossible coincidence "In Plain Sight"

Impossible coincidence "In Plain Sight"

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Magic effect: the magician please the audience and take a write a number on the card not to give the magician to see the magician pulled out a card on the card after drew several grid and fill out some Numbers, tell the audience use the grid in digital has a great chance to write a written with just the audience the same number, after you've written to the audience, but regret to tell audience the magician you didn't write the number! The magic trick is that when you add up the Numbers in each row, you end up with the same sum as the Numbers written by the audience.

Magic characteristics

1: very simple, no magic foundation can be easily completed

2: both before and after the performance can be checked by the audience

3: boxed finished CARDS, take out can carry easily

4: no setting is required to perform again

5: accessories provide various tips without painstakingly reciting the formula

6: super interactive effect, excellent props for the soul

7: all Chinese video instructions explain the whole process in great detail

8: it can be used for large-scale performance, same principle trial and stage large-scale performance

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