• The ultimate floating spider pen 2.0

The ultimate floating spider pen 2.0

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Spider pen 2.0 features:

1. Spider pen 2.0 motor and control circuit are fully upgraded, easily stowing RMB 100 yuan (RMB)!

2. Spider pen 2.0 work more stable, easy to control the performance!

3. Spider pen 2.0 USES special magic white wax imported from the United States, with undisputed stickiness!

4. The hidden line adopts the original American line, which is not easy to break.

It is hard to imagine that there are so many real miracles in this small space. The spider pen is a perfect example of this. He creates too many impossible possibilities.

In 2004, the original spider pen became a classic wonder device. Given the sudden surge in use around the world.

Yigal mesika discarded the previous concept of production and recreated the miracle.

It can be said to be the electronic equipment after the reform.

It is the first device to be patented by Seoul science and technology.

This technology allows you to do what you want to do.

Focus on your magic.

Give you a technique for levitation and control.

Floating banknotes, rings, straws and the like!

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