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Super Clipped by Cosmo Solano

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Super Clipped by Cosmo Solano
Super Clipped by Cosmo SolanoSuper Clipped by Cosmo Solano
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Super Clipped by Cosmo Solano


A small spread of five cards is shown, the black 2's and 3's, along with the Ace of Hearts. The spectator is asked to try and "clip" the only red card, the Ace of Hearts, with a paper clip. They try and try but to no avail!

Finally, to make it easier you separate the Ace from the four black cards, allow them to clip it, THEY CAN SEE THE FACE to be sure! The card WITH THE CLIP STILL ON, is set on the table.

WITH NO MOVES, NO SLEIGHTS NO COUNTS ETC... The clipped card on the table is slowly turned over and shown to now be the 2 of clubs!

Where's the Ace? The real question is "WHICH ACE?" because in your hand are not one, but FOUR Aces of Hearts!



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